Redemption: Part 2

Redemption: Part 1

What’s Your Reaction to Jesus?

The Necessity of Prayer


Share the Gospel

Be Ready for the End of the Age

Pastor Sean overviews the need to not be deceived, how to endure to the end, and why we should stay alert when it comes to the end of the age from Luke 21:5-38

The Power of the God of the Living


Cornerstone or Stumbling Block


The Heart of the True King

Pastor Sean shares a message on how the true King has a heart of righteousness, divinity, compassion, justice, jealousy, and purity.

Being a Productive Student

Pastor Sean delivers a message on how everything we have is from God and should be shared with others.

Will Jesus Find Faith When He Returns?

A summary of the mission trip Pastor Sean went on to South Africa and a message on Luke 18:1-14.

Is My Best For Jesus Good Enough?


What is a Servant’s Heart?


The Kingdom of God

Luke 17:20-37

A Saving Faith In Action 

Luke 17:11-19 & 18:35-43, 19:1-9

Living By God’s Values

Luke 16:14-31

Submitting Your Money To God

Luke 16:1-14

The God Who Seeks and Saves

Luke 15:1-32

Christian Humility

Luke 14:7-24


The Cost of Discipleship

Luke 14:1-6 & 25-35


The Unstoppable Work of Christ

Luke 13: 10-21 & 31-35


Repent and Bear Fruit

Luke 13:1-9 & 22-30


Christ the Divider

Luke 12:49-59


God First, Be Ready

Luke 12:13-28


No Secrets From God

Luke 12:1-12


Give From Within

Luke 11:34-57


Clean and Bright Shining for Christ

Luke 11:14-36


The Responsive God

Luke 11:1-3


The Good Samaritan

Luke 10:25-42


A Missionary Focus in Residency

Luke 10:1-24


Making Biscuits in God’s Sovereignty 



Trusting Jesus

Luke 9:51-62


God of the Mountain, God of the Valley

Luke 9:28-50


Being Unashamed of God’s Messiah

Luke 9:18-27


Trusting the Commission

Luke 9:1-17


Jesus Lord of All

Luke 8:19-21