For Messiah is the End-Goal of Torah (Part 2)

A look at the transition from today to end times. How is the House of Israel supposed to overcome the stumbling block and what is the stumbling block?


For Messiah is the End-Goal of Torah (Part 1)

Every time we hear or read about bad news… we need to see it as reminders that (A) God is in control …and (B) our hope is in the return of Messiah Jesus.


See, That Your Soul May Live

Being saved by faith by grace by the atonement offered through Jesus our Messiah carries with it a far greater responsibility than being saved from eternal separation from God – which is the ultimate penalty for sin.


There is No Greater Love

There are impacts beyond the local community. Our love of God impacts eternity.


Zealous for Israel

God always longs for everyone to come to repentance, yet the reality is that not everyone will.


Zealous for Blessings

A study on how Moses encourages Israel to enter the Promised Land by showing them God’s abundant grace and mercy.


Zealous for Faith

Are we living holy and Godly lives?
Are we teaching others to live holy and Godly lives?


Zealous for Community

Be Zealous for God’s House. Be Zealous in inviting people to hear the Good News so they can join us at the marriage supper of the Lamb and walk the streets of the New Jerusalem.


Our Only King Is God

We owe God unwavering allegiance because of what His Son Jesus our Messiah has done for us and because He made us – He is our Creator.


Biblical Leadership

This week and next we are going to look at Biblical leadership. More specifically . . . who is. and who ought to occupy the role of leadership.


Report of the Spies

The purpose was to be prepared before entering the Promised Land. God has already promised that He is with them… and that He will drive out the enemy before them. So. why does God instruct Moses to send spies into the land?


Whining in the Wilderness

Does our complaining do us any good and how does God feel when we whine?