Who We Are

We are a church that is all about loving the people in our community, leading them to Christ, and discipling them to lead others to Christ. 

What we believe

We are a community church with a desire to serve our Lord and further His kingdom. We preach the Bible, which is God’s infallible Word. We believe in a literal heaven and a literal hell, which is the eternal separation from God, the source of goodness and light. We also believe that we are given the opportunity to have an everlasting life with God through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross. It is the only way to salvation. We can’t earn our way into glory, we have to believe in Jesus Christ. We make no apologies for believing God is who He says He is and He does what He says He will do and we should be doing what He tells us to do. We believe that Jesus is coming back again soon for His bride, the church. If you want truth and love and a place to call home, come and be our guest. For a full statement of our beliefs, please click here to see the Baptist Faith and Message. We are in full agreement with this statement of faith.


Our Vision

Black Hills Baptist Church will reach Whitewood and the Black Hills for Christ one heart at a time.


Our Purpose

Black Hills Baptist Church, empowered by the Holy Spirit, exists to share the Gospel of
Jesus Christ to all, to meet needs, and to disciple believers.


Our Worship Style

We love to worship our God with a variety of music from the classic hymns to contemporary praise. We believe that God is honored when we lift up our hearts to Him and make a joyful noise.


Dress Code

Black Hills Baptist features a “come as you are” environment. We believe that God expects the best from us, but that may vary from person to person. Blue jeans and a button down (or even a clean t-shirt) are common sights.

A message from our Pastor:


As I look outside today I think of what a beautiful day God has given us. As you look outside you might see snow, sun or rain (or a combination of all three! We are in South Dakota after all) and these are delightful things. They are also all seasons that we, as adults, youth or children, go through.

We go through times when our love grows cold and  the Lord seems distant, we go through times when we are drenched with doubt and fear chills us to the bone and we go through times when the Son is shining and life is going our way. In all of these times and events it is my desire as the pastor to be there and be available.

Here at Black Hills Baptist we strive to fulfill our motto and let you know that “When you’re here, you’re home.”

By the grace of God may it be so.



Sean Donnelly 


Susan Park


Lillian Williams

Creative Director