Unholy Fire

Pastor Chris Orr brings a message.

Where Does Hope Come From?

Where does our hope come from? Does it come from the world of from Jesus?

The Ultimate Source of Ultimate Meaning

Pastor Sean shares a message from Ecclesiastes 12 and the simple theology needed to live in Christ.

Live for God While you Can

What does it mean to live for God while you still can?

The Meaningfulness of Friends and Rest

Pastor Sean outlines what it means to be content with little, the importance of friends, and how creating friendships requires intentional work. 

Seeking God’s Justice

Pastor Sean shares what the reality of an unjust world is, what it means to have unshakeable trust, and how we are called to be agents of God’s justice. 

Finding God’s Purpose

Pastor Sean shows us our emptiness and how we try to fill it without God vs. finding God’s purpose in our lives.

Reality of Life without Christ

Pastor Sean shows us what life without Christ is like through a study of Ecclesiastes 1:1-18.

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